Togo Goes Home (for the first time)

August 22, 2021 Joey Cope 4

There is nothing quite like going home — even those times that you don’t really know that is where you are headed. I went home for the first time a little over 8 years ago. I can’t remember a lot of the details personally but Momma and Daddy tell me [read more]

Togo Goes on Retreat

July 31, 2021 Joey Cope 4

Every once and a while, I feel the need to get away. Being a dog can be very stressful. I am a working dog. But I do a different kind of work. I sit around and think a lot and I tell my Daddy what I’m thinking. And he writes [read more]

Togo Goes . . . a little about me

July 25, 2021 Joey Cope 6

Hi. My name is Togo.  I’m a good boy. At least that’s what my Momma and Daddy tell me. No matter what I do. If I eat my food, I’m a good boy. If I do my business, I’m a good boy. If I drop the work glove I swiped, [read more]

Togo Goes — Under Construction

April 4, 2021 Joey Cope 14

Togo launched a new project! “Togo Goes . . .” will be a collection of short stories about the many and sundry adventures of an energetic canine. He’s looking for ideas for the settings of these stories. They would be things like: Where would you want Togo to go? Leave [read more]

Drive-Through Bueno Christmas Feast

December 27, 2020 Joey Cope 0

This was one of those Christmases that challenge the best of event schedulers. Between the pandemic and necessary quarantines and testing, and the natural rhythms of families connected to yet other families, Christmas celebrations were scattered on various calendar dates like sugar sprinkles on those holiday cookies. So Nancy and [read more]