I’m a Big Fan

I consider myself fairly docile. I don’t foist my opinion on everybody I see.

Yet more and more, I find myself really liking something and really promoting it. For example, I just bought a new hybrid car and you don’t have to say much to me to provoke an hour long infomercial. More about that in future posts.

I really like cherry slushes from Sonic. And there are at least three sales points I could make about them.

I like people who call me about work-related issues (including my law practice) during office hours. (On the other side, I really groan when someone begins with “I had a legal question for you and I really didn’t want to bother you at work.” Perhaps when I follow the lead of my fellow attorneys and institute a higher, at-home billing rate, this will stop.)

I like having lunch with Nancy. And I really don’t mind having others along most the time. But let me reframe — I love having lunch with Nancy. I also like to talk to her. And go on long car trips — even when she reads or sleeps. I even like sitting on the bench with the rest of the old guys at a shopping mall while I’m waiting for her. Okay, I pretty much like anything that involves Nancy.

I like the feeling that comes when you’re really working with someone. Mutual contributions are being made. Synergy is generated. And, even with the challenges that sometimes come with work projects, fun is had by all. Or at least a sense of accomplishment.

I like talking to my sons and my daughter-in-laws like adults.

I love talking to my granddaughter like a grampa. And even though I complain, riding around in the back seat with her as Nancy chauffeurs us to Chuck E. Cheese. And yes, I really like Chuck E. Cheese.

I like being around friends. I like being helped by store clerks and service personnel who don’t seem to mind that I don’t really know what I’m looking for or what it is I really want to accomplish.

I love the fact that there are family, friends, the occasional stranger, and, of course, a loving God who accept me where I am and root for me to do better.

I’m a big fan of all these things — and more! Someday, when we have a little time, I’ll tell you all about it.

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