Long Term Gain

This month, my son, Jeremy, and I began our third year of business together. With the patience of a few vendors and a merciful lender, we have made it through what many experts say is the most difficult period for small businesses.

We made all of the textbook mistakes for small business. We undoubtedly will continue to make some of those mistakes. Jeremy is really talented in production and gifted in customer service. He is overworked and stretched. On the other hand, I am inexperienced in running a small business. I am a decent janitor, though.

Small business is stressful in these early years. Frankly, the odds-makers would tell you that we’re still not a good bet. We have weathered the worst, but tough times are still ahead.

I woke up at 2:30 this morning thinking about this little enterprise, our customers, what needs to be done in the next few days, and wishing I was asleep. Then thoughts about my “regular” job crowded in. So at 4 a.m., I made my way to my study, paid some bills and thought about my life.

I’m blessed. I have a wonderful family — not perfect, just wonderful. I have my health. My career is in high gear and I’m surrounded by unbelievably gifted and kind co-workers.

And, I’m in business “on the side” with Jeremy.

And while I may never realize the riches I had hoped this venture might bring, I will always recognize the long term gain of doing something that springs from hope and love.

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