Only a Fleeting Inconvenience

Over the past several weeks, medical testing has revealed that the symptoms that prompted thoughts of a dreadful inconvenience have an undetermined cause. So I’ve officially downgraded this to only an inconvenience.

I’m thankful for this, of course. I’m just not absolutely sure what I’m thankful for. The phone call from Dr. John came while we were at Sharky’s Burrito. The good doctor talks softly but I think that, after he indicated that a few places shown by the MRI were “not normal,” emphasized the fact that the tests had eliminated those things that would make my plight immediately dreadful.

Frankly, I expected that once I knew that nothing truly sinister was about, my symptoms would disappear — merely stress-induced. Instead, the vertigo returned with a vengeance for a while and now has gotten better. And, in the lesser moments, I have become accustomed to the slight feeling of movement. In moments of whimsy, I imagine myself on board a gently rolling deck.

Since I’ve always enjoyed my time aboard boats, I’m thinking — this isn’t even an inconvenience. It’s just me and my life. And a good life at that.

So, if you see me in the near future, slowly swaying with a smile on my face, just know that I’m sailing and happy.

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