Seeking Peace

This seems to be my season of the year for overhearing conversations. No, that’s not right. I listen in almost all of the time. Not in an intruding, eavesdropping, sort of way. No, just capturing minute bursts as I pass by.

I pass by one group of gentlemen quite often. They frequent our local coffee shop. I admire them. Most often they’re at their table sipping coffee and sharing news long before sun-up. I often overhear what they say because . . . well, because they talk loud.

All of these men are well-educated. I don’t know about academic pedigree, but I have heard enough to know that they are constantly in search of new ideas. If I have a question about breaking news, someone at that table will know. And, as I have discovered, at least some of them will also share their personal commentary and analysis of that news.

As I passed with coffee in hand this morning, one of the trio in attendance this morning made a remarkably outlandish statement. I slowed my pace a bit, because I expected the proclamation to draw the ire of someone in the group. I watched as well as I could with a sideways glance. I saw one of the men stiffen and pull himself straighter in his chair. I could feel his response building in pressure.

Then, slowly he exhaled, allowing the pressure to vent. He leaned forward and looked the proclaimer straight in the eye and said, “Isn’t that something? I would never believe that something like that would happen.”

That was it. Kindly, gently, he made his opinion known. No confrontation. Just honesty.

And the conversation continued. That’s the important thing. The conversation continued.

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One thought on “Seeking Peace

  1. Thanks for sharing, Joey. As Manager working in I.T., I am always looking for that ‘special way’ of communicating regarding an unpopular decision or news to the teams I work with.