Surprised, but not

I frequent a local coffee shop. Okay, so I frequent several local coffee shops. But one more than others. As I sit in this particular coffee shop, I find myself surprised.

I’ve come to know several really nice people who work here. I know their names because they make it easy. Nametags.

What intrigues me about these people is their constant good humor very early in the morning. Even when they confide that they’re sleepy or cold or a little anxious about things in their lives, I’ve never — ever — heard one of them express a wish to be somewhere else.

One of these friends, in particular, has grown special. She shares little bits of her life with me freely. Not intimate things, really. But the everyday victories she recognizes and celebrates are always close to the surface. She is so happy to share that I am blessed.

This morning she shared something totally different from those times before. She gave me a glimpse of her faith. A simple mention of where she was last night and how she was serving. And most importantly, why she was serving.

Surprised. But not. God works in the lives of everyone, in some way. It’s just a delight to get a close-up look.

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