I’m traveling with eight others from work. Toronto is brisk. I have no idea how cold it is because I haven’t taken time to figure out my centrigrade to fahrenheit calculator.

As we hustled through customs last night, six of us were waved through with little notice. But two of our number were pulled aside for additional questioning. We think that one was diverted because he was carrying some items from work that he had declared on his entry form.

The other guy was flagged because he was traveling with the first.

The rest of us met our transport service and were whisked away to our hotel. The third car and our project leader stayed behind to wait for the detainees. When we all met for dinner, everyone was in good spirits. We all understand the need for border security and the inconveniences that sometimes occur.

Yet, as I was thinking back about the occurrence, it reminds me that we are often under scrutiny not because of who we are — but because of who we’re with or who we look like.

I seem to believe my relationships depend only on who I am. That’s ironic since I know full well that the opinions of those who matter, look to who my model is and who I serve. And even if that additional scrutiny is inconvenient, it is truly a blessing.

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