Christmas Party Place

We had a great Christmas party for the office last night. Great home-made food. Pleasant conversation. And we were blessed by being at Patsy and Jerry’s place. A veritable Christmas wonderland.

I don’t know how many get-togethers are hosted by these two every year. Or how many total people have crossed their threshold. Or how many burgers have been flipped on the backyard grill. Or how many linens have been changed to accommodate overnight guests — many who just call to see if there’s “room at the inn.”

Last night, while Patsy and Jerry were giving tours and telling stories about Santa collections and special photographs, I was clearing a few plates from the table when I literally was stopped in my tracks.

In a side chair was a little embroidered pillow with the inscription, “May your house always be too small to hold all of your friends.”

In this expansive residence, I was awed in thinking how small this place was in relation to the number of Patsy and Jerry’s friends. And I was warmed by the thought that I was one.

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