Day One

Day One of a new year. A time to start fresh. An opportunity for turning that new leaf.

Yet I carry over so much unfinished from last year. And I would just as soon leave much of it there. But as I turn in my chair, I can see it’s still with me . . . lurking just over my shoulder . . . waiting to see what I will do . . . if anything at all.

Even with a lot of baggage, I still feel great hope for what this next twelve months will bring. God has promised much. Maybe not riches and glory — despite what some of the TV evangelists tell us. But He has given us everything already. Our hope for the future — and the present — is what we have in this first day of the year and what we will have in the last day of this year.

May your year be filled with good things. And when tragedy comes, may you be surrounded by friends who are divinely connected. All will be well. We’ve got that promise.

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