Sometimes, opportunity presents itself dramatically. It rears its majestic head and invites us to take hold. We relish the experience. We have no doubts and we move forward with confidence.

But most times, opportunity peeks out at us, wide-eyed and tentative, from just around the corner. And even when it steps out for a few seconds and signals its promise, it may suddenly duck down and run for cover.

And, when that happens, a lot of us shrug and think, “Well, that opportunity wasn’t meant to be.” We continue where we were. Perhaps just as well off, but never really knowing what the opportunity might have meant to our lives.

I’ve got an opportunity around the corner. I’ve exchanged a few greetings and it’s seemed pretty shy. Today, I’m walking around the corner to meet it.

I don’t think that we have the time to greet every opportunity that comes our way. Yet, I would hope that all of us would pause long enough to meet some and explore the possibilities.

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