Finger Indicator

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have discovered that I am a better financial trader than others. The fact that I’m not a financial trader notwithstanding, I am quite pleased with these results.

No kidding! In a recent study, these scientists have compared the ratio of length of a person’s ring finger versus that of their index finger. Those of us who had longer ring fingers were anywhere from five to ten times more successful as financial traders.

It’s getting a little late in life, but I’m thinking about a career change. Not that I want a new career. It’s just that I’ve been told all of my life that my lack of height has been a barrier to my success — particularly in matters of leadership. Tall people are leaders. Short people are followers, plodders, and generally unexciting.

But now, seemingly, I can be both follower, plodder, and unexciting while still being immensely successful — and possibly wealthy if I follow my own trading advice. That’s a powerful draw as I reach the closing years of my professional life.

Seriously, why is it that these quirky study results catch our attention? Is it because there is some scientific evidence that we might have some advantage over others? (By the way, the people with longer index fingers are generally superior engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists. So, I’m not better than everybody. In fact, if I were a financial trader, I’m pretty much at the mercy of engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists to be able to technically accomplish my work. Who has the upper hand, er, finger, now?)

These kinds of news stories catch our eyes because we long for a way to be different from others — particularly if society views that difference as a positive thing. Yet, many of us who follow a higher calling are already different. But it’s a difference most of the world has difficulty understanding. If I can be a servant leader, isn’t that a better way? I’m pretty sure that doesn’t require great stature or many of the other markers of success — even a long ring finger.

For the record, I don’t put much stock in this latest revelation on my prowess as a financial trader. After all, scientists have already stated that folks like me with elongated ring fingers are generally more gifted in soccer and basketball than others. Evidently a long digit does not substitute for height and speed.

For now, I’ll just fold my hands and forego further finger examinations. I have too much work to do just being me.

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