Diving for Pearls

Recent life experience is taking me places. All sorts of places. Frankly, if you had told me two months ago about the journey I was about to take, I would have canceled my ticket.

Now that I’m down the road a bit, I have a different view. I have been enriched by the things I’ve seen, the emotions I’ve felt, and the words I’ve heard. All of those good things sprout from a central source — the people I’ve met.

Two months ago, I would have avoided most of these individuals. Nothing personal. I just thought I had no need to know them and no real curiosity about who they might be, where they might live, or how much we might have in common.

Last week, sitting in a crowded room with total strangers, I begin to see how their lives threaded through mine. My eyes were opened.

Amazing things happen when we begin to see the value of someone else, regardless their circumstance.

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2 thoughts on “Diving for Pearls

  1. Well, the story begins, but who are these people? How did you get to know them? How did they affect your life? How did you affect their lives? Questions questions. What are the good things you got? What are the amazing things? Is there more to the story that would not violate a confidence or create an embarrassment – perhaps not. Can you write about it in parable? This whets the appetite like a movie trailer of a unique relational reality show but doesn’t get to the credits. What should I see clearly from this? Cough it up Joey. You don’t get a passing grade on this one yet, but you have a chance for a rewrite.We want more of the journey.

  2. Okay, Mike! I can see you’re reading “payback” all over this one. Indeed, I may not get a passing grade on this one. 🙂 I’m thinking that this story is truly just beginning.

    Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.