Open Mind, Dark Pit

I’m studying this week. Not my usual book readings and journaling. I’m studying in an “immersion” week. Intensive sessions. Homework at night. A diversity of classmates.

The subject matter is fascinating. Theories from the sciences reinforce things we believed but never really knew. Emerging research adds to the weight. This particular line of thinking has been articulated in some form or fashion for half a century. Its handlers continue to gently unfold it. Showing too much, too soon would be too troublesome they say.

My professor is a man of God. He has very much reconciled the concepts to his personal journey. In fact, much about the teaching seems to lift us to a place where every one of us walks a closer walk with God.

Yet, the projections of where this takes us is frightening. According to the theory, humans are emerging into a state of being where we will end our belief in God. We can already point to the myriad of ways that mankind has pulled away from the Creator. This one is akin to those. It seems that we, as a people, will think our way past God. Our intellect will be so great, that we will leave Him and all “other superstitions” behind.

I take solace in the fact that mere mortals have tried to muscle around God before. And we never quite get there. True, less people go to church than once did. The reason we are told is that church is for the unenlightened and the less developed. As the world touches on enlightenment and development, however, the problems and the solutions seem no less dark or attainable.

I’m uncomfortable studying such things. But I know that God does give us everything for our good. Often the view from the edge of the cliff is the most beautiful and revealing. It’s danger is evident.

The greatest danger, however, is not climbing the mountains and not staring down into that dark pit. For without the pit, we cannot grasp the wonder of the mountaintop.

I’ll continue to study and think – and perhaps gain a little of that enlightenment. As I look down into that pit and try to penetrate that darkness, I think I’ll just slip my hand in God’s. Just in case.

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5 thoughts on “Open Mind, Dark Pit

  1. So true, (all that is written here)! I stand with you in keeping my hands in the hands of the One who can uphold me in the midst of any storm I may have to face, no matter how “enlightened” I may become.
    It’s good to know that we don’t have to face the present and impending darkness alone.

  2. I’m writing from the United Kingdom where many no longer even hold much of a religious belief, for any expression of least that is not the name for the Divinity that is used. I was at the program that Joey attended; in fact, I could well be the “professor” that he described. (I attended ACU from l954-l958)
    Actually, my concept of the nature of God has morphed since Sunday School Days, and from the Old Testament into the New “when the fullest of time has come.” As human societies have experienced greater complexity,the God-Man has been engaged to offer more appropriate yet still core fundamental directions and answers to the basic questions of life. To often we make our god too small by embracing frozen-in-time understandings.

  3. I don’t think there is a danger of man leaving God because he has become enlightened,infact its quite the opposite, because he has become enlightened man now experiences God in a more personal way. Man’s knowledge of God grows and he develops a greater appreciation of who the Christ really is.
    As we grow more enlightened our ability to communicate with God grows and we learn to respect and Love Him even more.
    This enlightenment process is Man’s right as Jesus promised us ” The things I do you shall do also, and greater works than this”

    Well brace yourselves world , the time has come !

    • Don, I appreciate your thoughts . . . so well said. Man fears enlightenment because it will bring us to understand that God is truly in control – and we’re not. Yet, we have a loving God who lets us explore thought and innovation. All with the hope that we will use that opportunity to love others and to love Him.