Stuff I don’t understand

Many people consider me to be on top of technology . . . except for that select circle of friends and advisors who know better.

While it’s true that I’ll take a small amount of time to look into those problems that arise in the midst of my techno-life, I’m usually rescued by those who notice that I’m thrashing about and who throw me a life-preserver.  That life-preserver most often comes in the form of a link to a help page or a fix that someone has come up with. Nevertheless, it generally works and I’m on my way.

I used to be bothered by the fact that I couldn’t understand something or come to a solution.  Although I have to admit to some frustration when things get a little rocky, I’m learning that some things just aren’t mine to understand.

And as I grow older, I’m also seeing that the areas of my misunderstanding are pretty widespread. Yet, time and time again, friends and advisors, come to my rescue. I see those individuals as special appointees — not appointed by me, but by a divine one who knows my every need.

So, while not understanding used to bring me grief, now I’m beginning to see it as an opportunity to enjoy times of God-sent relationship.

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