The thrill of starting over

A friend who has been through a lot of conflict and heartache recently told me of her excitement of getting the chance to start over. I could tell by the bounce in her voice that just the thought of beginning many things again was truly the birth of a new spirit in her.

Her insight is an important lesson for all of us. We need to be spending time thinking of the good that will come as we take our next steps.

Far too often we, instead, become mired in the muck of past conflict, resentment, and bitterness. We truly lose our freedom to enjoy life when we allow ourselves to be stuck. Tragically, when we are in such a plight, we find it almost impossible to wish anyone else well.

So, today and tomorrow and every day after that, begin with the thrill of starting over. Not only will your life be better, but you will bless every person you see.


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2 thoughts on “The thrill of starting over

  1. Thanks, Lana! Thinking of and praying for you — and the rest of us who need the grace that a daily start-over brings.