Foster Dog Revisited 5

A continuation of the Foster Dog tweets:

Quick trip to Ft. Worth. Told Foster Dog I was going to “Cowtown.” It’s obvious that she’s expecting me to bring a cow home for dinner.

Having no cow-in-tow, I was subjected to Foster Dog’s reenactment of the Bataan Death March tonight on our walk. No mercy for laggards!

Foster Dog asleep in the grass. Slowly rolls on her back with legs skyward. Sudden sneeze launches her to a classic hunting pose. Intrepid!

Our walk was diverted to the video store. Foster Dog picked “Wolverine” for some reason. Jeremy picked popcorn & candy. I picked up the tab.

Burgers grilling. Foster Dog on watch for squirrel gang. Couldn’t bring myself to tell her squirrels have very low interest in burgers.

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