Pause to brighten your day

Today, I resolve to pause before I say anything negative.



The result (for me, at least) has been amazing. Just a small space between a thought and a spoken word has changed my outlook — sometimes for hours. I’m not perfect at the technique. But I’m practicing. Join me? (You might want to pause before responding.)


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2 thoughts on “Pause to brighten your day

  1. These are truly words of wisdom. Taking a pause before responding allows you to think. Sometimes, I have realized that there is no point in responding at all.

    This has taken years to implement in my life. I used to pop off with a sarcastic comment whenever I thought it useful. I realized that I was wounding people with my words.

    As Christ has come into my life more each day, I realize that many of the “cute” comments that people make are just personal vents. I work with mostly women, and when one woman says something harsh about men (in general), I hold my tongue and wonder if she was treated harshly by a man recently.

    In the pause, I think, “How would I feel if someone said what I am about to say to me?” This goes back to the Golden Rule. Maybe we can review the Golden Rule during each pause.