Leadership & Parachute Philosophy

“Just because nobody complains doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect.”  Benny Hill

Sometimes leaders assume that the quietness behind them indicates solid support.

Often the sound of silence represents other things:

  • Followers who are stunned speechless at the direction the leader is taking.
  • Followers who have been deeply wounded and are struggling to stay in pace.
  • Followers who are quietly planning their exit.
  • Followers who are quietly planning the overthrow of the leader.
  • Followers who are no longer following.
Sometimes leaders forget to check on the wellness of their followers. Occasionally, in the heat of battle or the rush of the pursuit of a new goal, leaders momentarily lose sight of their purpose.

The purpose of a leader is to move everyone to a better place.


Yet, leaders often fail to catch the sounds of distress around them.  Too many worship the thought of “ever forward” and sacrifice those they were meant to serve.

Leaders expect loyalty from those who follow. Followers expect no less from their leaders.

Are you a leader? Are you trustworthy? Are you loyal to your followers?

True leaders are not served . . . they serve.

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2 thoughts on “Leadership & Parachute Philosophy

  1. Joey- You are a blessing. Smart, thoughtful, human, HONEST.I rmember many talks with Bill Nash re honesty.
    so hard. thanks