Foster Dog Revisited 12

A continuation of Foster Dog tweets from early 2010. Follow Foster Dog and me at Twitter.

Foster Dog retracts earlier tweet for clarity. Devil pacts cause earthquake!? Not even dogs buy that one. God, tho, even loves the confused.

Speak any foreign languages? Foster Dog asked. A little Spanish, I say. How about you? Malamute, she says. Oh, and I think Jack Russell.

Even when God holds us in the shadow of his hand, the view is brighter than 1000 sunny days. 1st Foster Dog, Chptr 1, Verse 1.

When she learned schools & businesses were opening late due to ice, Foster Dog asked, “Does this affect breakfast in anyway?”

In regard to Groundhog Phil’s unpopular weather forecast, Foster Dog just wanted you to know that she is available for contract work.

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