Foster Dog Revisited 13

Another look at Foster Dog tweets from the past — winter 2010. You can follow Foster Dog and me at

Pressing for a recall of that ball I chase, Foster Dog confided. Problem? I ask. Sometimes it just lies there, she says.

When told that Phil Schubert was new ACU president, Foster Dog quipped, “I knew him when he was a pup!”

Left my ball over where the bush used to be at the corner of the house, Foster Dog said. Used to be? I asked. Another story that, she said.

Noting Abilene was shut down for another snow day, Foster Dog said, Think I’ll stay in bed til noon-ish. How would that be different? I ask.

C25K interrupted. Strained knee “helping” Foster Dog into back of pick-up. Seems she didn’t think visit to veterinarian was necessary.


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