Foster Dog Revisited 14

These are past tweets from Foster Dog’s venture into Twitterdom — through my account. She’s been asking for her own Twitter account. What do you think?


So how did you talk Foster Mom into the organic dog food? I asked. Have you never gazed into my lovely blue eyes? Foster Dog queried.

In the still of the morning, Foster Dog noted, “Small children are very verbal.” I nod. “Much like Jack Russells,” she adds.

Just informed Foster Dog that we were setting the clocks forward 1 hour. “Fine,” she said. “Wake me up exactly 1 hour late.”

As the rain continued, Foster Dog said, “I believe it’s time to line the animals up 2 by 2 . . . We’ll start with the squirrels.”

Rain stopped. “So the ark thing?” I asked. “Squirrels didn’t cooperate,” Foster Dog said, “but I’ve lined up a couple of Jack Russells.”

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2 thoughts on “Foster Dog Revisited 14

    • Foster Dog, aka Zoe, spent the first nine years of her life with our son. When his housing arrangements changed and he no longer had a fenced yard, Zoe moved in — temporarily. Thus, “Foster Dog.” Of course, our home is hers permanently. Just don’t tell her.