When starting over seems impossible

Occasionally, I find the need to start over.

More accurately, I have to start over almost every day.

Things I wanted to change yesterday slipped a bit. And I feel like I’m back at yesterday again. Starting over. And feeling a little frustrated with that.

As I walk through life, I’m learning that God gives us new days so we can start over.

  • We can be better.
  • We can walk more closely to Him.
  • We can overcome the impossible.

God knows it’s a journey. It’s my job to step out on the path and join Him. What better partner for starting over?

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2 thoughts on “When starting over seems impossible

  1. Do you believe in coincidences? As I grow in faith and love for our Lord, I see many things happening that could not possibly be…a coincidence. Thank you for your words today. Thank you for letting me know that my email address was kicked back so that I could read it! No coincidence, as just in the past two days I have decided to start over. A new beginning in my life. I believe God has guided this decision and I am making peace with it. I am counting on our loving Father’s partnership in this journey. His love is after all, everlasting. Blessings to you, Joey Cope!

    • Lana, it’s quite a partnership, isn’t it? I’m counting on it, too. I am praying that He bless you as you start anew. It’s a new day.