Foster Dog Revisited 15

Another look at Foster Dog tweets from the olden days – a couple of years ago. Follow Foster Dog and me on Twitter ( This set of tweets comes from Spring 2010.

Lightning crashed. Thunder rolled. “Think I’ll come inside,” Foster Dog said. “You know. So you guys won’t be scared.”


Apparently, the savings achieved by buying the 40 lb bag of dog food was not appreciated. “Variety is the spice of life,” Foster Dog miffed.

“Where does wind go?” I asked Foster Dog as the gale howled around us. “Well, professor, if you haven’t noticed, it goes here,” she said.

Foster Dog insists on supervising yard clean-up. Between her efforts and wind, many leaves left unbagged. I’ll rearrange later, she says.

1st annual Foster Dog Sunrise Easter Service. Why didn’t we do this last year? she asks. You overslept, I say. Glad Jesus didn’t, she says.

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