Foster Dog Revisited 16

Once again, we reach back into the hallowed halls of Twitterdom to retrieve a few of Foster Dog’s micro-adventures from years past. Follow us at

Watching White House Easter Egg Roll on TV, Foster Dog noted, “Much more entertaining if they would roll squirrels – or even the kids.”

When told that her degree of popularity on FaceBook exceeded mine, Foster Dog quipped, “You have a degree of popularity?”

Eying my “shape-up” walking shoes, Foster Dog opined, “They do make you look taller at least – in a non-shaped up sort of way.”

“Why the sport coat?” Foster Dog asked. “College award dinner tonight,” I answered. “Were you serving drinks or busing tables?” she queried.

Foster Dog sitting in corner of yard. “See something?” I asked. “Is it too much to ask to get a little alone time?” she countered.

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2 thoughts on “Foster Dog Revisited 16

  1. Dr. Cope, I appreciate your humor and whimsy, it makes the virtual world more personal! We have similar conversations with our Weimies, who also remind us that humility is a good thing in a dog parent.

    • Caryn, sometimes in the midst of the challenges we all face, I find that humor is one of God’s most outstanding gifts. Thank you for sharing that with me. Neither Foster Dog (Zoe) nor I have ever known a Weimie. We agree that striking up such a friendship would be a great idea. Good to hear from you!