Spring Clean

Just as Mother Nature uses the spring season to renew and reset, we all need a season to lose the clutter in our lives. My office at work and my closet at home are physical reminders of this personal need. But it’s the clutter of the heart that truly pulls us down. Let go. Forgive. Move forward.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Clean

  1. Dr. Cope,
    I came to Abilene not to just receive a solid Christian Education but hope to received something above and beyond. You have done this for me. Not just for me but fore my husband as well who looks forward to you pod casts whenever we have one.
    This most recent cast on tradition touches my heart as I do have many good memories of tradition as a child and continue them today with my family. I work at Thomas Jefferson University as Education Coordinator for the graduate program in pathology. I have students from many different cultures just as you do. What shocks me is just how many don’t really care about the traditions that they knew as children. Even more when they are asked to come home in order to celebrate or take part in a family tradition they simply do not have the desire to do so.
    You also share both areas of tradition and ritual. I gave this some thought and wanted to pose a rhetorical question: considering tradition and ritual, ritual lacks the emotional investment that accompanies tradition. Its going through the motion withoug emotion. Just a thought.
    I have 7 children and I am truly blessed that each of them still hold true to their traditions. Because of this they are passing this on to their children and having them realize just how important this “comfort” is to ones self and family.
    Thank you for everything that you have shared with me (and my husband) you have helped to put my heart into a good place.

    • Sharon, thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words. Our hope and prayer is that we can be God’s servants in bringing more to our work than simply an academic experience for our students. We are so blessed by and learn from them, as well.

      I also regret that many individuals are leaving behind traditions that define them through their families and their histories. Some of that is attributable to the natural process of merger — things change as we experience change around us. Yet, there is something special about the moments that are passed down from generation to generation. I’m thankful to hear that your children are seeing that value.

      I like your distinction between tradition and ritual. I’ve talked with a number of young people who don’t recognize their traditions because they say them deconstruct to mere ritual.

      Thanks again for writing. I’m so glad you are with us.