Constantly Pleasant

“Constantly Pleasant.”

That’s how she was described. Not a person attending the memorial service would have disagreed.

As I sat and listened to the accomplishments of this remarkable person, I was somewhat awestruck by the thought that I had been blessed to know an individual who touched so many and did so much . . . while being constantly pleasant.

What if I could become constantly pleasant? What would that change? How would I change?

Thanks, Colleen. For being constantly pleasant. It’s just one of many ways that God shone through you.

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2 thoughts on “Constantly Pleasant

  1. Joey,
    I am sorry for the loss of someone so special to you and to so many. It’s precious that you would share the thoughts you have about the person, the service, and choice of words. The thing is, you have always seemed the very same way to me…constantly pleasant because of the way God shines through you. And, don’t tell me you are “acting as if”…I won’t buy it! 🙂

    Amy Read

    • Amy, thank you for your kind words. I have a long way to go. But I’m blessed to be around people who make it easier to be pleasant. And yet, I don’t always find myself there. For now, I’m going to stretch that direction. And I’ll probably have to do a little “acting as if” along the way. 🙂 So good to hear from you.