Frustration Thrives at the Speed of Fury

Have you ever been in a really big hurry?

Have you ever been in a really big hurry  . . . and everything seems to go wrong?

You drop your keys just as you get to the door. You leave your phone on the nightstand. You hit “reply to all” on the email that should have gone to one discreet individual. You can’t seem to hit the trash can with that one wad of paper. You find yourself face-to-face with the one person you don’t “really have time to deal with.”

Frustration builds inside. Anger, dismay, and depression grow like grass in a flower bed. What can you do? What is the most effective action step for the moment.

Slow down.

That’s it. Slow down. Take a breath. Whisper a prayer. Hum a song.

Slowing down allows tension to melt away. Slowing down allows your emotions to moderate. Slowing down allows you to gain control . . . by easing your grip.

So, slow down . . .

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