Two More Balloons

A lot of things change in a week.

Today, as I left to go home, I saw storm clouds building in the east. My first thought  was to get home. Foster Dog would be coming inside.

But things have changed.

When I pulled up in the driveway, I slowed to look for her through the fence slats. For the past three years, she waited there, eager for her walk.

Things have changed.

A week ago today, Zoe (also known as “Foster Dog”) left us. After years of a heart murmur that robbed her of oxygen, last year’s near-fatal spider bite, and the more recent arrhythmia, the big, white dog went to her rest. Nancy continues to peek out the windows to catch a glimpse of her and we both fight the urge to carry out fresh ice water to her every hour or so.

Things have changed.

Nancy took a walk in the neighborhood this morning — her first stroll down familiar streets without Zoe. Each step was more difficult than she imagined.

Not unlike many pet owners, we talked to Zoe – a lot. And even when it became apparent that she was completely deaf, we continued to talk to her. Nancy even sang to her. Not just any song, but one that she created for Zoe. I may have even hummed a few bars myself from time to time.

And, if you follow me on Twitter or FaceBook, you also know that there is some thought out there that Foster Dog talked to me. I would be hard pressed to deny that.

Things have changed.

So about this time last week, Nancy and I made our way to campus and sat for a while at the feet of a massive sculpture. This was one of Zoe’s favorite places.

Nancy brought two balloons — one white and one blue. We released them to the West Texas wind and they flew up and over the trees. White for Zoe’s beautiful fur coat and blue for her amazing eyes.

In some ways we thought it would be a fitting goodbye to a faithful friend.

Things have changed.

As we grow older, we are learning that the best things in life never truly leave us. Good friends, true love, and faithful souls surround us, even as their earthly presence spin away like two balloons in the wind.

Blessings on you as you remember those who have blessed you. Family, loved ones, and those special creatures God sent to comfort us.

Things have changed. But good, like God, always remains.


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6 thoughts on “Two More Balloons

  1. From one doggie lover to another: What a beautiful tribute for your sweet furry friend! Thank you for sharing your tender thoughts.

  2. That is so touching. We know we will face that soon as well but are grateful for every day God gives with Sammy.

    • Dee, thank you so much. We know that all things are just part of life – the happy and the sad. Isn’t it good that Sammy has been a happy part of yours!

  3. I’ve never written to you about Foster Dog, but I felt like I knew her. I enjoyed reading about your discussions. We have a rescue Jack Russell at our house, and there is nothing like the absolute loyalty and adoration I get from her. Thanks for sharing Zoe with us.

    • Thank you, Paula. I’m a fan of all of the rescue efforts for dogs. And I’m also a fan of the folks who do the rescuing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard one not speak of how much joy they receive from those dogs. I’m so glad I can be your fan. 🙂 We’ll miss Zoe, but the wonderful times will overshadow the last few days soon. So good to hear from you.