Political Endorsements & Undertakers

I have friends who, shall we say, have strong feelings about politics.

Don’t get me wrong, choosing who will lead us as a nation is an important undertaking. But it is an “undertaking” thus making those who go about it . . .”undertakers.”

The easy definition of “undertaker” is one who prepares the dead for burial. From my cynic’s perch, that’s pretty much what we do when we launch someone into politics these days.

We appreciate undertakers in our society. One of my favorite people is a local funeral director. Similarly, I appreciate those who make it their business to know about political candidates and to deliver that information to us as voters.

I suppose what disturbs me is when otherwise sane people begin to make politics the driving force in their lives. It’s all they talk about and tweet about. Their FaceBook posts take on the intellectual tenor of a pre-school playground. Their sense of humor takes a nose-dive into the dirt. They choose to believe things without checking out sources. And they make it plain that, if I disagree, I am a foolish and irresponsible person.

My friend who is a funeral director, on the other hand, never taunts me or derides me or insists on telling me every detail of his thoughts about the embalming techniques he employs with expertise. Nor does he insist on publicly humiliating me for my lack of knowledge about his craft. His “undertaking” is professional, effective, and caring.

So, friends of mine who are so emotionally invested in this dark pit of political undertaking, breathe.

God is in control. Your best guess of what is good for the world or any nation is foolish if it’s made without God’s will in focus. God wants, more than anything, to transform us into creatures in His likeness. What do people see when you’re in all-out, political campaign mode?

It’s perfectly fine to be an undertaker. I encourage you to dig deeply into the issues, make sound decisions, and to discuss those issues and decisions civilly. Just go about your work with professionalism, effectiveness, and concern for the rest of us. Make yours an honorable undertaking.

Who knows? You might change my vote.

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