Happy Thanksgiving in a Tenuous Peace

As travelers pour into airports and edge down crowded highways toward Thanksgiving feasts and warm traditions, I can’t help but think of places all over the world that will be less inviting.

If it holds, there will be a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. We would hope that troops on every front could enjoy a time of lessened hostility. Our thoughts even go to those domestic scenes where conflict has been at center stage, that those harsh words and difficult moments could melt away into a time of thanks.

That’s a lot to ask.

For those of us who are fortunate enough not to be in a battlefield the next few days, foreign or domestic, I would encourage you to not only give thanks but to pray that others less fortunate be lifted up — financially, emotionally, physically.

The world we live in may always be broken, but remember, so are we. Thankfully, our brokenness is the source of our faith in One who controls all peace. If He wants to be reconciled with me — even me — then peace among individuals and nations is well within His power. Pray with me that peace will break out and that, on the path to that peace, He will keep all people safe.

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