Starting Over

FD Close-up ResizeLast June, Nancy and I lost a constant companion and an incredible friend of the 4-pawed variety. Zoe, known to a lot of people as “Foster Dog” and to many neighborhood children as the “big white wolf-dog,” was a delightful mix of solid fun and iconic stoicism.

She demanded a lot of attention, but we learned to surpass those demands with our own ideas of what Zoe wanted and what she needed. For example, she had her own electric fan for the back porch and a water mister to keep her cool when she wanted to hang out in the flower bed.

Zoe was aloof. She wagged her tail slowly, if at all, when she greeted you. She never jumped up on anybody — at least not in the years we had her. When I would need some special time with her, I would sit down beside her on the porch — only to have her walk off and watch me from a distance a few minutes later.

She hated thunderstorms. Just to emphasize . . . She hated thunderstorms. From the first flash of lightning, every ounce of her energy was invested into getting inside the

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house and waiting it out.

Her love of walking was a turning point in our lives. We learned that, if we didn’t take her on walks that she would arrange to get out and about on her own. Digging, breaking fences, whatever it took. After burying a lot of concrete paver stones at critical locations and completely replacing the fence, we noticed that her desire to run free was largely offset by the walks. She would go as many times a day as we would offer. She was impervious to cold temperatures and she pulled us shamelessly through the snow and the rain. We drew the line at ice, but she considered that to be a moral failure on our part.

She was fun to walk. People loved seeing her. We learned more about her personality on walks than anywhere else. And Nancy and I became more healthy — in more than physical ways. Walks took us out of the house. We came to know our neighbors. We talked.

Foster Dog was an incredible balm for our weary souls during a difficult time in our lives.

And then she was gone.

For six months we went from “never again, we can’t survive another loss” to “someday, maybe.”

And then, on Christmas Eve, our son, Jeremy, directed us to look out back. And we met Togo.

Togo, the Wonder Pup

Togo is named for a famous sled dog — one of two lead dogs whose heroics on a medical mission inspired the annual Iditarod Sled Race. He’s unlikely to see a lot of snow living in West Texas. And something tells me he probably has few, if any, medical missions in his future.

Yet, Togo, the Wonder Pup, does have a mission. He is here to live life and bring us joy. And . . . to chew up our stuff and to go to the bathroom in inappropriate places.

Being the Wonder Pup presents Togo with a lot of opportunities. He makes us laugh, he makes us work, and he reminds us of an important part of living life.

We are constantly called to start over. Things change. Good times come to an end. Relationships fade. Prosperity, once won, is lost.

Amazingly, in countless ways, God presents the opportunity and the spark to start over even as chapters close.

So, we’ll replace the chewed-up things and replant the shrubs that have been excavated. We’ll go to puppy school and buy large bags of dog food … and toys . . . and snacks. We’ll do all of the things we never wanted to do again.

Because we’ll laugh and we’ll walk and we’ll take care of a dog destined to grow large and loud. We’ll be licked and we’ll be chased. Sure there will be some pain along the way. And it will all be worthwhile . . . to start over.

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10 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Thanks for the post, Joey. God gave Adam rule over the animals, and animals have brought us joy ever since. I am glad for your acquisition of Togo, the Wonder Pup, and am pleased that we can enjoy his musings as we did with Zoe, the Foster Dog. Blessings.

    • Thank you, David. God has blessed us with many gifts and isn’t it wonderful that something about spending time with them brings us peace. I have a feather from somebody’s peace dove right here at my desk. Makes me smile to think of your special friend.

  2. So beautifully written. Provoked many thoughts of the past and the future. Thank you for sharing your gifts of love, writing, encouragement, and doggie stories.And isn’t this a message I believe God is whispering to our hearts.. always calling us to something new and restoring our faith and joy.

  3. Joey:
    Thanks for this beautiful article. Wonder Pup has no idea what a wonderful home he has acquired. And, yes I definitely think that dogs open our eyes and souls to the world around us. I often look at my two and think they must be little angels sent to me for comfort and peace!-D

  4. SO excited to read more about and from Wonder Pup in the future. SO glad there are 4 paws running around your house and yard again (oh, and should I say trouncing on your hearts, too?). Enjoy and keep us posted! My pets send their love.

    • Thanks, Lorraine! Our wonderful little friends bring us some real bright moments, don’t they? Togo doesn’t seem to know what to think of other pets yet, but I know he would love yours.

  5. Great story. Comes at a time in my life where one door is closing and another maybe opening. The key is to be open and understanding of the closed door so we can understand and see the next one opening. Sometimes it is hard to hear the “no” and understand that it is realy God saying “that is not right for you, I have something better in mind”

    Not sure how I got that from a story about a dog, but I did. May you have many happy years with Wonder Pup, I truly believe that dogs a one of Gods greatest gifts, so happy to be given two great ones to share my life with!

    Thanks again for the great story

    • Thanks, Tammy! I think there is much wisdom in your idea of understanding the closed door. It does make the one that is opening far easier to see and negotiate. I agree — dogs are an amazing gift. Wonder Pup is destroying everything in his wake — but we still love him.