Caught in my Throat

I once took great pride in “telling it like it is.”

Then I discovered that those moments were only for me. I wanted to capture the spotlight. I was trying to diminish someone else or make myself look grand.

As I’ve grown older, I am finding more satisfaction in those things that “catch in my throat.” More and more, as I form the perfect comeback or the ultimate put-down, I let it go. Or, I hold it for a while in order to recraft the words and deliver them at a better time and in a kinder way.

Creative Commons: Joel Cooper (origamijoel)

Harsh words, once spoken, take on a bitter taste and upset both the hearer and the speaker. Those same harsh words, not blurted out in haste but held for later consideration, can become sweet when bathed in purpose and respect for others.

Most often, they dissolve harmlessly in both mind and conscience. The rest of the time, they crystalize into building blocks for future relationship.

On occasion, things slip. I’m certainly not perfect.

But if you see me silently smiling, it may just be that I have something caught in my throat.

Photo and Origami Credit: Creative Commons – Joel Cooper (origamijoel)

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