Foster Dog Revisited 17

With the Boston Marathon tragedy Monday and the violent explosions that rocked West, Texas yesterday, I found my spirit a little empty when my writing time arrived this morning. So, if you don’t mind, I thought I’d ask my original muse, Foster Dog, to help out. For those of you who are new to my blog or my twitter feed, Foster Dog was laid to rest last June. She was a friend, a therapist, but mostly she was a dog. And that may be what I liked about her most. Some of the Foster Dog tweets are anchored in the current events of the day — like an announcement by President Obama about the United States’ future in space, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and the mystery surrounding the arson at the Texas Governor’s Mansion. Others are simply the nonsense that builds between a person and a dog and then leaks out into cyberspace. I hope you enjoy installment 17 — a short respite from the serious news of the day.


Foster Dog announces new space program. “We will bypass moon and we’ll send all Old Roy dog food first to an asteroid – and then to Mars.” (4/16/2010)

I reminded Foster Dog that she had been absent from FaceBook for a while. “My publicist suggested time away . . . to build anticipation.” (5/5/2010)

Refused admission to local Cinco de Mayo celebration, Foster Dog offers backyard squirrels a turn in her specially-engineered salsa sauna. (5/5/2010)

Foster Dog snuggles in, eyes shut, tail wagging softly against her over-sized porch pillow. “Just thinking about Mom,” she confides. (5/9/2010)

Learning of my day trip to Austin, Foster Dog asks to come along. “New bushes planted as part of governor’s mansion makeover,” she explains. (5/9/2010)

“How’s the arson investigation going?” I asked. “Can’t seem to get past the fact that no one knows who the arsonist was,” Foster Dog says. (5/11/2010)


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