It’s Not Just the Journey

On September 2, 2013, Diana Nyad completed a 103 mile swim from Cuba to Florida. It’s been done once before. But until yesterday the swim had not been accomplished without the benefit of a shark cage.

Summertime ... Anita via Compfight

It was Nyad’s 5th attempt. She was 64. In an interview on the morning after she talked about people through the years who had offered encouragement by saying things like “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” Today she said, “I don’t totally disagree with that, but sometimes it is the destination. The destination is really sweet.”

I wish I had been quick enough to catch her exact words — but that was the essence. Nyad went on to say that she did it for herself and for others to encourage the pursuit and fulfillment of dreams. Even if our ultimate goal is not on our personal horizon, we need to know that the destination does exist.

In our walk with God, that destination sometimes seems distant. Indeed, there are moments when we may doubt that the destination exists. And then, we experience God along our journey as he acts and speaks in grace.

Diana Nyad knew that Florida awaited her. Even as she battled physical and mental distress she could see her team in front of her, alongside her, and behind her. That support and her own strong desire to accomplish her goal brought her to the beach in triumph.

The great thing about feeling God’s grace is that we can experience a bit of the destination while we are still on the journey. And that’s enough for the moment . . . because we know the destination is waiting.


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2 thoughts on “It’s Not Just the Journey

  1. There are days I want to give up; to quit the fight, quit hoping, quit believing the journey is worthwhile. It’s in those times I seem to get a nugget, a little chunk of gold from somewhere that helps me take the next step. I think there are others who share my feelings and I speak for all of us when I say thank you for being our encourager and for being on our team.

    • Jeff, there is a divine purpose in God giving us others. I, too, am blessed with so many good teammates. I see Jesus when I look at them. Thanks for bringing me that image every time I think of you. Now, what do you say we get some team jerseys?!