System Updates

Generally, I don’t have many technological problems. I plug things in at regular times and do regular maintenance and allow major updates. Even though it takes some time, I rarely experience the major crashes and other inconveniences I see tweeted or posted.

In our daily lives, attending to such details can be tedious and often creates an internal conflict between the mundane and the higher callings. Yet, I have learned that if I can identify and prioritize the essential items of the mundane then I can be open to those higher callings when they come.

My “essential mundanes” are generally low demand. Exercise as regularly as I can. Read. Keep things around me reasonably straight and clean. Take my vitamins. Drink a lot of water. Keep my technology updated.

Sometimes life (and technology) requires just a bit more. Today’s system update on my phone is taking a little longer. And the update will trigger updates on countless apps. Despite the fact that the demand is higher and the inconvenience much greater, my phone will remain tethered to my computer for however long it takes. (And, having just looked over for the fourth time, it appears that the update is about halfway through.)

Life hands us “system updates” from time to time. Major changes are required to fix the “bugs” that have crept into our lives. And, just like those phone updates, many of those problems are ones that we haven’t even noticed yet.

I don’t know what system updates are being required of you right now. Some of you are facing illness or the loss of a loved one. Others are changing jobs or dealing with problems at work or school. Maybe you are dealing with an addiction of some kind — there are thousands to chose from. Perhaps a friend needs you, desperately.

It will be better for you, really for all of us, if you heed the signs and plug-in for that update.

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