46 Days and Counting – Partners

Even though we have been talking and planning this trip for months, we are down to only 46 days before we step on that plane. In just the last couple of days, as we begin to talk about our mission publicly, we’ve begun to see a beautiful outpouring from others who want to be our partners in this work. Graduate students at Southern Methodist University are coming forward with offers of help and donations of clothing and supplies. Individuals who have been hearing about our trip have asked how they might be involved.

Photo Credit: anudman at freeimages.com

Many things in life can be done alone by personal effort, individual skill, and solo performance.

But even when we convince ourselves that we are totally self-sufficient, there is a much more potent force unleashed when we allow others to lend a hand.

Our team traveling to Rwanda and Kenya is a strong group with a lot of talent and ability. But we have no delusion of self-sufficiency. We know that every moment we invest in teaching conflict management and reconciliation in Africa, every instant we interact with refugees in Rwanda or the children being cared for by the Made In the Streets ministry in Nairobi, will be greatly enhanced and made sweeter by the prayers, the encouragement, and support of those of you who want to have a part.

Thank you for your thoughts and the ways that you are imagining how you can help. The desires to dare and to share combine to form an incredibly potent and positive impact on people — men, women, and children — we might never have had the opportunity to touch.

So again, thanks for your willingness to dare and to share. We are blessed to  have you as our partners.

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