41 Days and Counting – History

As just 41 days separate us from our initial day of travel, we continue to think about the history of East Africa and of the horrific acts of genocide that occurred there. But in listening to today’s news, we are painfully reminded that history repeats itself.

Leaders who encourage and promote the torture and killing of innocent civilians — men, women, and children — are not acting in the name of a divine being or a superior bloodline or a better political ideal. Instead, they promote shameless violence in the hope that they themselves will be viewed as a god-like presence. Their followers, often confused and afraid, obey orders they will come to regret and, perhaps, never really understand. No glory and no victory result from such senseless acts of cowardice.

And the world is slow to act.

We have seen the power of reconciliation in many places. Reconciliation and forgiveness stories abound in places like Rwanda and Croatia. Our hope builds as we witness the coming of peace. God’s peace is a welcome relief. Forgiveness brings rest and hope. Our team will travel on both valleys and mountain tops as we come face to face with the horrors of the past and marvel at the resilience of the human spirit as it builds bridges to the future.

Bad things happen when people try to take the place of God. Our team hopes to be part of the peace movement that writes a much brighter future and a more positive history.

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