36 Days and Counting – Songs

I spend a lot of time with music. I’m not musically talented, at least not anymore. That takes practice. But I love music and music tells stories. In 36 days, our team will be flying to Africa and we’ll be hearing new songs. Each of them will chisel out distinct memories of our time in this wonderful place.

This is my first trip to Africa — my first, first-hand introduction to the music of this beautiful land and these marvelous people. As I sat at my desk and tried to imagine the cultural riches we will experience, I couldn’t get this song out of my head.

Music imprints us. I’m not certain what it is. But the combination of melodies and harmonies projecting a story stays with us.

Songs are the language of the heart.

Our team is anticipating being very impressed with Africa. We are excited about the people we will meet, what we will learn, the sights we will see. But more than anything, I think we’re eager to experience the hearts of the people of Rwanda and Kenya. Resilience is a heroic trait. And we will be meeting some heroes on our journey. Some will be survivors of the holocaust. Others will be little children — the survivors of the streets. But all will be heroes.

I may be taking visions of jungles and lions to Africa. But I’ll be bringing back songs in my heart that will reveal visions of hope and peace. Can I get a “Hallelujah!?”


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3 thoughts on “36 Days and Counting – Songs

  1. I predict you will love Africa… the country and the people. My times there are forever stamped upon my heart. Blessings as you go!!

    • Thanks, Leah! My expectations were already high. And now, with your shared experience, I know it’s going to be great!