19 Days and Counting – Packing

As we began our training preparation session today, Allison reminded us that we had just 19 days to figure out our packing scheme. And, being the incredibly organized and helpful person she is, Allison proceeded with show and tell.

Power converters, plugs, packing aids, and great hints on packing. All of that.

I can’t tell you how much that made the trip seem very real. As Allison explained each item, fingers were flying across keyboards and purchases were being made.

We were also excited to see Allison’s new camera, purchased with the trip in mind. We are going to have a lot of pictures to share.

Packing. Two carry-ons. Two checked bags. The goal: personal stuff in the carry-ons and donatable items in the checked bags. More about those donations soon.

So, the thing is. We’re really going to Africa. Something could happen that would stop us, but to this point, everything is falling in place.


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