1 Day and Counting – Inconvenience

When I first opened my computer this morning, I started to make my post for the day. Some time ago, I had selected the topic “Blessings” for today. However, I was distracted and didn’t get right on it. A little later in the day, Robyn posted on our FaceBook group page, “Joey, in case you need a topic for the ‘one day and counting’ blog! I think you found one!” In fact, I had. As the picture here would indicate, our team was being presented with an inconvenience.

Under normal conditions, a notice that your flight has been canceled is a cause for at least mild concern. But when your flight is from DFW to Amsterdam and there are 6 other team members on your flight . . . let’s just say it elevates the inconvenience a bit.

We received this news late this morning. Ever since then, our fearless leader Betty has been on the phone with the airline and with our travel agent trying to work everything out. The last bulletin states that 5 of us will be going to Amsterdam by way of Philadelphia. Dan and Allison will be routed through Houston. Or at least that was the last news I had.

Even now, Karen, our travel agent, is on the phone with the airline still trying to get confirmations. One by one, I’ve seen emails come from the team that they have received theirs. And, since I typed the period on that last sentence, I’ve learned that my itinerary is done as well.

So, for now I’m planning on flying out of Abilene on my original flight and I’m just hoping that neither the airline nor the weather delays the flight. Okay, it’s more than hope. It’s fervent prayer.

Regardless, in the grand scheme of things this will be just one of the inconveniences we are likely to encounter. As I look over at the somewhat regimented pile of stuff by my bag, I’m anticipating that my next one will be when I realize I’ve left something vital behind.

No, cancel that. Latest post from Dan and Allison. Now the airline is saying that they don’t have tickets to Houston. So that’s the next one.

Since this could go on all night, I’m just going to sign off and ask for a simple prayer from all of you. Please pray that Dan and Allison and Aaron and Robyn and Malcolm and Betty and I all have seats on planes that will take us to Amsterdam tomorrow. Otherwise, we might be looking at an inconvenience.

Tune in tomorrow!

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