Day 0 – Blessings

The turmoil over canceled flights and rebooking confusion continued until fairly late last night. But now, as I sit in the Abilene airport waiting for my flight to Dallas, I feel somewhat confident that each one of us has a seat on a plane going somewhere that will eventually connect with the flight that will reunite us in Kigali. With that pleasant thought, I turn to the blessings we have enjoyed preparing and to those we are yet to receive.

We have been blessed.

  • With the vision and foresight of Betty Gilmore who conceived this opportunity and brought it to reality.
  • With the selection of great team members.
  • With team members from diverse backgrounds who have come together in a loving and caring group.
  • With opportunities to partner with ALARM and MITS — 2 organizations doing incredible things in East Africa.
  • With the opportunity to think through and plan conflict resolution trainings in cultures much different from our own.
  • With the interest of many friends, family members, and even a few strangers who wanted to be a part of this great peace mission.
  • With material gifts filling an abundance of duffle bags and headed to a refugee camp.
  • With health and healthy outlooks.
  • With the thousands of prayers from those who are sending us out.
  • With the grace of a loving God who has allowed us to contemplate joining in His work of peacemaking.

We will be blessed.

  • With moments of incredible insight into mankind — both its treasures and its travesties.
  • With new friendships that will enrich our lives.
  • With challenges that will cause us to think, to question, and to discern.
  • With a burning spirit to serve others and the energy to persevere.
  • With a greater understanding of who we are as individuals.
  • With a broader ability to dream and to hope and to aspire.
  • With a better view of how less can be more.
  • With a closer relationship with our team members.
  • With a glad homecoming to family and friends.
  • With an even deeper bond with our God.

Those are our blessings. Those are our hopes.

Thank you for joining us. We pray that you are blessed, too.

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