Foster Dog Revisited 16

Once again, we reach back into the hallowed halls of Twitterdom to retrieve a few of Foster Dog’s micro-adventures from years past. Follow us at

Watching White House Easter Egg Roll on TV, Foster Dog noted, “Much more entertaining if they would roll squirrels – or even the kids.”

When told that her degree of popularity on FaceBook exceeded mine, Foster Dog quipped, “You have a degree of popularity?”

Eying my “shape-up” walking shoes, Foster Dog opined, “They do make you look taller at least – in a non-shaped up sort of way.”

“Why the sport coat?” Foster Dog asked. “College award dinner tonight,” I answered. “Were you serving drinks or busing tables?” she queried.

Foster Dog sitting in corner of yard. “See something?” I asked. “Is it too much to ask to get a little alone time?” she countered.

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Foster Dog Revisited 15

Another look at Foster Dog tweets from the olden days – a couple of years ago. Follow Foster Dog and me on Twitter ( This set of tweets comes from Spring 2010.

Lightning crashed. Thunder rolled. “Think I’ll come inside,” Foster Dog said. “You know. So you guys won’t be scared.”


Apparently, the savings achieved by buying the 40 lb bag of dog food was not appreciated. “Variety is the spice of life,” Foster Dog miffed.

“Where does wind go?” I asked Foster Dog as the gale howled around us. “Well, professor, if you haven’t noticed, it goes here,” she said.

Foster Dog insists on supervising yard clean-up. Between her efforts and wind, many leaves left unbagged. I’ll rearrange later, she says.

1st annual Foster Dog Sunrise Easter Service. Why didn’t we do this last year? she asks. You overslept, I say. Glad Jesus didn’t, she says.

Foster Dog Revisited 14

These are past tweets from Foster Dog’s venture into Twitterdom — through my account. She’s been asking for her own Twitter account. What do you think?


So how did you talk Foster Mom into the organic dog food? I asked. Have you never gazed into my lovely blue eyes? Foster Dog queried.

In the still of the morning, Foster Dog noted, “Small children are very verbal.” I nod. “Much like Jack Russells,” she adds.

Just informed Foster Dog that we were setting the clocks forward 1 hour. “Fine,” she said. “Wake me up exactly 1 hour late.”

As the rain continued, Foster Dog said, “I believe it’s time to line the animals up 2 by 2 . . . We’ll start with the squirrels.”

Rain stopped. “So the ark thing?” I asked. “Squirrels didn’t cooperate,” Foster Dog said, “but I’ve lined up a couple of Jack Russells.”

Foster Dog Revisited 13

Another look at Foster Dog tweets from the past — winter 2010. You can follow Foster Dog and me at

Pressing for a recall of that ball I chase, Foster Dog confided. Problem? I ask. Sometimes it just lies there, she says.

When told that Phil Schubert was new ACU president, Foster Dog quipped, “I knew him when he was a pup!”

Left my ball over where the bush used to be at the corner of the house, Foster Dog said. Used to be? I asked. Another story that, she said.

Noting Abilene was shut down for another snow day, Foster Dog said, Think I’ll stay in bed til noon-ish. How would that be different? I ask.

C25K interrupted. Strained knee “helping” Foster Dog into back of pick-up. Seems she didn’t think visit to veterinarian was necessary.


Foster Dog Revisited 12

A continuation of Foster Dog tweets from early 2010. Follow Foster Dog and me at Twitter.

Foster Dog retracts earlier tweet for clarity. Devil pacts cause earthquake!? Not even dogs buy that one. God, tho, even loves the confused.

Speak any foreign languages? Foster Dog asked. A little Spanish, I say. How about you? Malamute, she says. Oh, and I think Jack Russell.

Even when God holds us in the shadow of his hand, the view is brighter than 1000 sunny days. 1st Foster Dog, Chptr 1, Verse 1.

When she learned schools & businesses were opening late due to ice, Foster Dog asked, “Does this affect breakfast in anyway?”

In regard to Groundhog Phil’s unpopular weather forecast, Foster Dog just wanted you to know that she is available for contract work.