Foster Dog Revisited 11

A continuation of the replay of tweets and Facebook posts from years past. This group comes from December 2009. Follow Foster Dog and me at!


With Christmas over, Foster Dog considers weight loss options. Doing away with Foster Dad seems most likely avenue for success.

Foster Dog: Taking Foster Dad on a walk for his birthday. It’s a surprise. I’ve left him a bunch of surprises in the back yard, too.

Foster Dog: I hear people hated 2009. Silly humans. If not for yesterday, we wouldn’t have today. Now where is Foster Dad with my breakfast?

With finalists named for ACU president, Foster Dog calls summit to discuss campaign issue — additional bushes around Lunsford Trail.

Since temperature above 32 means sleeping outside, Foster Dog blows on remote thermometer to create illusion of arctic condition.

Foster Dog Revisited 10

A continuation of Foster Dog adventures in Tweetdom (Twitter) from a couple of years ago.

Understanding there will be openings, Foster Dog applies for NTSA webmaster job. How hard could it be NOT to post classified information?

President Obama humbly states others are more deserving of Nobel Prize. Foster Dog gratefully blushes in her own show of humility.

Foster Dog concerned over FaceBook privacy settings. Asks that I not use her real name or age. Unless it would bring a movie or TV deal.

Hoping to divert attention from purloined doggy treats pilfered from storage, Foster Dog digs random hole in yard. Subterfuge unsuccessful.

Foster Dog, the official dog of the Abilene High Eagles, shares philosophy: Run hard. Don’t get tackled. Drink lots of water. Win state.

Abilene High Eagles, State Champions, and the official team of Foster Dog!


Foster Dog revisited 9

Continuation of Foster Dog tweets from our archives. Tweeted around Christmas 2009.

Thinking conspiracy theory, Foster Dog wonders if there is a sinister connection between “swine flu” & “when pigs fly.” End times material?

After patiently waiting for snow for 2 days, Foster Dog brands local weathercaster as charlatan. Hours practicing flake-frolicking wasted.

New cushion for old doghouse. Foster dog insists on breakfast in bed.

Made the mistake of mentioning that this was Dead Day on campus. Foster Dog hopeful that this refers to squirrels.

Hearing a faint, moaning wolf-cry late last night, I asked Foster Dog, “Lonely?” “No,” she replied, “but now you’re here – Jerky Treat?”

Foster Dog revisited 8

A continuation of Foster Dog tweets from our archives (circa Thanksgiving a couple of years ago):

Celebrating near-freezing temps, Foster Dog proclaims “Squirrels Play Free” Day. No need to leave warm cushion, she explains. Unless . . .

“Squirrels Play Free” Day a scam, local tree rodent union boss warns. Foster Dog licks lips, wags tail ever so slightly.

Foster Dog suggests country venue for Thanksgiving. They have squirrels as big as cows, she says. Those are cows, I say. Whatever! she says.

Foster Dog’s Grateful List: #10. Sniffing . . . anything . . . and everything.

Foster Dog’s Grateful List: #9. Gummy Squirrel Snacks . . . large economy size.

Foster Dog’s Grateful List: #8. Non-Gummy Squirrel Snacks . . . attached or unattached.

Foster Dog’s Grateful List: #7. Those days I don’t get my ears doctored.

Foster Dog’s Grateful List: #6. Foster Dog-sized back porch cushions.

Foster Dog’s Gratitude List: #5. Trash can lids that are easily discarded.

Foster Dog’s Grateful List: #4. Long walks in the cool autumn air.

Foster Dog’s Grateful List: #3. Finding things left behind by others on long walks in the cool autumn air.

Foster Dog’s Grateful List: #2. A spirited game of chase . . . won by Foster Dog, of course.

Foster Dog’s Grateful List: #1. Homes for foster dogs.

Foster Dog Revisited 7

A continuation of Foster Dog Tweets from our archives:

Foster Dog to sue Veterinarian General over claim that chocolate is bad for dogs. Settlement possible if extra jerky treats are endorsed.

Turned away at polls, Foster Dog mounts a 1-canine campaign against discrimination. Phone efforts dismal. Paw too large to dial cell phone.

Foster Dog salutes our veterans! Thank you!

Shedding is good, Foster Dog insists. Chewing on a fallen leaf, she notes that loss of yesterday’s pride precedes donning tomorrow’s glory.