Foster Dog Revisited 4

Foster Dog & I are grilling burgers out back. Foster Dog insists that grill is unnecessary. Rationale: red meat should be eaten red.

Saw lady pushing small dog in stroller. Made mistake of telling Foster Dog. Size being a problem, she’s checking eBay for a cotton trailer.

Having quiet Cajun dinner with 21 new friends. Foster Dog noticeably absent. Can’t tolerate spicy food.

Eight days away. One night in my own bed. One more day on the road today. Foster Dog asked to see my ID before accepting doggie treats.

Five hundred miles on Monday. Four hundred miles today. Foster Dog upset. No souvenirs for her.

Foster Dog Revisited 3

Foster Dog reclining in mud under hedge. Lifts head on my approach. Once identity verified, she returns to snooze position. 96 degrees.

Foster Dog auditioning for lead in “Hound of the Baskervilles.” Likes pipe and funny hat. Finding British accent challenging.

Foster Dog fails to get part. Kept saying, “Alimentary, my dear Watson” instead of “Elementary, my dear Watson.” Always thinking of food.

Big storm last night. Leaves & debris litter back porch. Foster Dog’s artistic eye notices void. Administers final touches with mud today.

Ran into a pillar of community at post office. Had just seen his picture in the paper. He called me by name. Obviously a fan of Foster Dog.

Foster Dog Revisited 2

Foster Dog indignant. Walk cut short due to darkness. Mandates alarms be set in future to ensure timeliness. Now patrolling for possum.

Ululated. To howl or wail. As in “Foster Dog ululated constantly last night.” Not sure I would have gotten “howled” out of that.

To bed early last night. Wife & Foster Dog battled possum alone. Wife prevailed with help of broom. Foster Dog reported sweeping victory.

5:45 am. Possum counterattacks. Foster Dog sounds alarm. I respond in briefs & t-shirt. Apology letter to neighborhood association in mail.

Nancy just got an email from Build-a-Bear Workshop. Evidently we can get best savings ever on fully dressed animals. Foster Dog nonplussed.

Foster Dog Revisited 1

A couple of years ago, at the encouragement of a friend, I entered the world of Twitterdom. I wasn’t sure what I should tweet about, but I was intrigued by the challenge of telling a story with just 140 characters. I watched other tweeters for awhile. Some had some really profound things to say. Others simply gave every detail of their lives. Every detail.

Now, having had first-hand experience with my life, I realized that providing people details would be a certain way to become socially undesirable. I needed something to tweet about. And that’s about the time, Zoe, my son’s dog, came to live with us. Dubbing her “Foster Dog,” she became my inspiration.

Foster Dog went relatively unnoticed until I discovered that my tweets could automatically be published on my FaceBook account. And a star was born — one much less temperamental than Barbara Streisand. At least that’s what I thought at first. I’ve had a lot of people ask that I collect these little blurbs in one place. So, I’m going to bring them here to I’ll just post 5 or 6 at a time and I’ll start with the oldest ones. Where I can remember, I’ll provide the context of the tweet.

Here’s the first batch. Hope you enjoy them.

1. Church in 20 minutes. Rain. Trying to convince Foster Dog that the back porch is sufficient shelter.

2. Sunshine. Foster Dog now wants to be inside with a/c. Tough love. She’s still outside.

Early in my tweeting career I had a stay-at-home vacation — a staycation. Foster Dog was featured in several of those episodes:

3. Staycation 3.1. Foster Dog indicates desire to go to church. Settles for jerky treat and nap on back porch. Seems oddly human.

4. Staycation 5.1. My plan was to wash off back porch. Foster Dog watches with interest. And rolls in mud in anticipation of clean slate.

5. Staycation 5.3. Taking Foster Dog to vet for check up. Big dog. Borrowed truck. Now need a crane to lift her up to the bed.

6. Staycation 8.6. Long walk tonight. Possibility of thunderstorms. Foster Dog convinces us to let her sleep inside. 80 pound baby.

Coming soon: Foster Dog Revisited 2

Foster Dog is on her way!

For a couple of years, I have been tweeting and facebooking about the adventures and thoughts of Zoe, the Foster Dog.  In the near future, I’m hoping to find a way to include some of that content here.  It’s just for fun.  But you’ve asked for it and I’ll see if I can deliver!

No, that’s not Tiger in the photo at left.  But it is Foster Dog, a bigger-than-life Great Pyrenees, Siberian Husky, Wolf mix breed.