Justice isn’t what you may think it is — at least not in today’s political environment. We want justice to be about others and goodness and all those other high values. While political leaders are trying to package themselves as champions of justice, it is, for the most part, only a portion of their sales pitch. If you’re following someone who tries to convince you that improving his or her position in life is going to benefit you, you’re following the wrong person. The true leader doesn’t complain about his or her own plight, but instead steps aside to address the challenges of the many. DI LOGO

Are you one who loves to dream, to float, to bask in what could be? We need those dreamers. Yet we also must have those who move ideas to vision even when this attractDI LOGOion to action wakes us from our dreams. – Joey Cope

Stories of prominent leaders often feature the bright and dark moments from a secure site hidden away from the danger. Meanwhile, other players in the drama, those “also appearing,” strive and pay the price on those bloody battlegrounds that were manufactured in safety. For all of those — on both sides of the conflict — who walk treacherous paths and surrender all, we pause to remember. – Joey Cope DI LOGO

Lying in bed, dilated eyes stabbed by the sudden flashes of lightning, sleep forbidden by the throaty peals of thunder, we wonder, “Is there anything more frightening than night storms?” True perspective comes only when Nature’s forces are faced during the day and we can see the way the course of our lives are changed by powers greater than our own. – Joey CopeDI LOGO

In politics, in communities, in personal relationships we’ve lost an appreciation of the different. We say we “honor” diversity, we point to our “many” instances of tolerance, and we wear our “love” for our enemies like a badge. But we forget that our interaction with the different is what makes us better by challenging and bringing understanding. And a better shared understanding is the real difference and the first step to a better world for us all. Don’t just be different . . . appreciate the different. – Joey CopeDI LOGO