A Day Set Aside for Memories

On this Memorial Day, we pause and pay tribute to those men and women who gave their lives in service to their country.

While some have grown to disdain our flag as a symbol of mistakes we have made as a nation, I choose to see it as a symbol of a nation of individuals who, if given the choice, would not make those mistakes or take any aggressive acts in vain. It is my belief that the men and women of our military throughout the years have served with integrity and with the motivation to do what is right.

I fly my flag proudly.

While there are evil individuals who do evil and corrupt things, there are others who simply do what must be done.

I hate war and disease and poverty and all of the distasteful and hurtful things that go with them. But I thank God for those who will enter into the fray to stop oppression and bring healing and end starvation.

On this day, I pray a special thanks for those who gave all for our country and a cause they believed in.