Foster Dog Revisited 13

Another look at Foster Dog tweets from the past — winter 2010. You can follow Foster Dog and me at

Pressing for a recall of that ball I chase, Foster Dog confided. Problem? I ask. Sometimes it just lies there, she says.

When told that Phil Schubert was new ACU president, Foster Dog quipped, “I knew him when he was a pup!”

Left my ball over where the bush used to be at the corner of the house, Foster Dog said. Used to be? I asked. Another story that, she said.

Noting Abilene was shut down for another snow day, Foster Dog said, Think I’ll stay in bed til noon-ish. How would that be different? I ask.

C25K interrupted. Strained knee “helping” Foster Dog into back of pick-up. Seems she didn’t think visit to veterinarian was necessary.


Tune-ups and Foul-ups

Tune-ups and foul-ups . . . not necessarily in that order.

For months I have been telling myself that I needed to improve some things about my website. For example:

  • I should write more. (Granted, some readers won’t see this as a tune-up.)
  • I should encourage my readers to subscribe to my website by email or RSS.
  • I should upgrade my automatic email service.
  • I should reorganize some things to make my website more user-friendly.

Yesterday, I decided I would make the easiest of those moves — encourage readers to subscribe to my site. But then it seemed appropriate to go ahead and upgrade my automatic email service before I asked people to subscribe.

So, I spent a couple of hours moving over to MailChimp as my automatic email service. I was really impressed with the way that everything worked out. Except for the fact that I apparently disconnected other things that had been working flawlessly.

I am closing in on undoing my foul-ups — I think.

This particular post is, in part, just a test to see if I’ve succeeded


one of my first attempts to encourage readers to subscribe to my website.

You can do that in a couple of ways:

  1. You can subscribe to an RSS feed in your preferred reader service. Just click on the RSS feed link in the upper right corner of my website. OR
  2. You can subscribe to my email service. Click on the link just below the RSS feed link where it says, “SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE!” Follow that link and provide the information requested. Also, remember that you will get an email asking you to verify your subscription. Be sure and click on the link in that email, as well. (This is called a double opt-in system — it helps prevent some evil spammer or hacker from making subscription decisions for you.) Or you can click here and go directly to the subscription form.

And, some of you may not want to subscribe. Indeed, you could be one of those folks who likes to live on the edge — never knowing what’s just around the corner.  I get that.

In any event, this whole post has been a great way for me to test out all this new stuff. The up-side for you is that if all of it works, I won’t do another one of these for a while. If it doesn’t, I’ll be back tomorrow!

Foster Dog Revisited 12

A continuation of Foster Dog tweets from early 2010. Follow Foster Dog and me at Twitter.

Foster Dog retracts earlier tweet for clarity. Devil pacts cause earthquake!? Not even dogs buy that one. God, tho, even loves the confused.

Speak any foreign languages? Foster Dog asked. A little Spanish, I say. How about you? Malamute, she says. Oh, and I think Jack Russell.

Even when God holds us in the shadow of his hand, the view is brighter than 1000 sunny days. 1st Foster Dog, Chptr 1, Verse 1.

When she learned schools & businesses were opening late due to ice, Foster Dog asked, “Does this affect breakfast in anyway?”

In regard to Groundhog Phil’s unpopular weather forecast, Foster Dog just wanted you to know that she is available for contract work.

Foster Dog Revisited 11

A continuation of the replay of tweets and Facebook posts from years past. This group comes from December 2009. Follow Foster Dog and me at!


With Christmas over, Foster Dog considers weight loss options. Doing away with Foster Dad seems most likely avenue for success.

Foster Dog: Taking Foster Dad on a walk for his birthday. It’s a surprise. I’ve left him a bunch of surprises in the back yard, too.

Foster Dog: I hear people hated 2009. Silly humans. If not for yesterday, we wouldn’t have today. Now where is Foster Dad with my breakfast?

With finalists named for ACU president, Foster Dog calls summit to discuss campaign issue — additional bushes around Lunsford Trail.

Since temperature above 32 means sleeping outside, Foster Dog blows on remote thermometer to create illusion of arctic condition.

Foster Dog Revisited 10

A continuation of Foster Dog adventures in Tweetdom (Twitter) from a couple of years ago.

Understanding there will be openings, Foster Dog applies for NTSA webmaster job. How hard could it be NOT to post classified information?

President Obama humbly states others are more deserving of Nobel Prize. Foster Dog gratefully blushes in her own show of humility.

Foster Dog concerned over FaceBook privacy settings. Asks that I not use her real name or age. Unless it would bring a movie or TV deal.

Hoping to divert attention from purloined doggy treats pilfered from storage, Foster Dog digs random hole in yard. Subterfuge unsuccessful.

Foster Dog, the official dog of the Abilene High Eagles, shares philosophy: Run hard. Don’t get tackled. Drink lots of water. Win state.

Abilene High Eagles, State Champions, and the official team of Foster Dog!