Yesterday’s Vision

As I ¬†look at myself today and whisper, “I can’t,” I wonder how my view is distorted by the clouded lens of yesterday.

  • The obstacles are too large . . . the road is too long.
  • I am too small . . . my strengths too few and puny.
  • Those who are against me are too many . . . my allies are too few.

Staring down at the emaciated figure I fully expect to see, my eyes pull away quickly and, in an instant, I catch a glimpse of tomorrow.

  • The obstacles are really stepping stones . . . the path is long to allow me to gain speed.
  • I am small because I need to be no bigger . . . the worries about what I can’t do fade as I focus clearly on what I can.
  • My fiercest foe is me . . . God is the champion in all things.

Glancing down again, I understand the importance of yesterday’s vision for what it is — a part of the past. I learn from it and I leave it. For if I do not, I can never grasp anything more than yesterday. Tomorrow’s view and the day it brings are enough to pull me forward today.

“I can.”

Breaking with Complaining

When did I fall in love with complaining?

  • It makes me miserable.
  • It makes those around me miserable.
  • It makes me see huge problems that aren’t big at all.
  • It makes me miss good things that are truly huge.

Complaining makes me small.

Today, I choose not to complain. I believe today will be one of my best. Join me?