The Gift of Creation

As the sun set just below the bank of clouds to the west, I studied the colors that stabbed through the narrow, horizontal slit between the ethereal and the substantial. And as we all have from time to time, I thanked God for creation.

Driving further, I began to see an echoed gift of that creation. The beauty, complexity, and wonder of what God provides inspires me to create — as it has women and men throughout the ages.

We don’t create in the same way. Something is not fashioned out of nothing. But we create from those elements around us. Colors, words, musical notes, clay, metal, stories.

One of God’s greatest gifts to us is placing the desire to create within us. Just another way we are created in the image of God.


Every day, it seems I’m almost ready . . .

  • To die to self
  • To let God rule my life
  • To love others because I love Him
  • To live as a totally new creature

Standing at “almost-always” means I still have lessons to learn and steps to take. But it’s okay. God sees me as “alright-already.”

Yesterday’s Vision

As I ¬†look at myself today and whisper, “I can’t,” I wonder how my view is distorted by the clouded lens of yesterday.

  • The obstacles are too large . . . the road is too long.
  • I am too small . . . my strengths too few and puny.
  • Those who are against me are too many . . . my allies are too few.

Staring down at the emaciated figure I fully expect to see, my eyes pull away quickly and, in an instant, I catch a glimpse of tomorrow.

  • The obstacles are really stepping stones . . . the path is long to allow me to gain speed.
  • I am small because I need to be no bigger . . . the worries about what I can’t do fade as I focus clearly on what I can.
  • My fiercest foe is me . . . God is the champion in all things.

Glancing down again, I understand the importance of yesterday’s vision for what it is — a part of the past. I learn from it and I leave it. For if I do not, I can never grasp anything more than yesterday. Tomorrow’s view and the day it brings are enough to pull me forward today.

“I can.”