When You Say Heart, I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means

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Heart. A five-letter word with a number of definitions.

  • A muscular organ that circulates blood. “His heart pumped rapidly as he pushed toward the finish line.”
  • The will to accomplish something extraordinary. “She showed a lot of heart out there today.”
  • A symbol of love. “I ‘heart’ you.”

All those things, for certain. But the heart I want to focus on is that connection between body, mind, and soul. This special place has been called many things through the centuries . . . the conscience . . . the gut . . . the soul. Throughout the years, people have done their best to train it, to silence it, and to ignore it. Yet, it still whispers quietly and steadily.

You know the voice. It’s what you hear when you know that something is inherently wrong or undeniably right. It’s the pull you feel to do something for others whether they are close friends or unmet strangers.

When a song tells us to “listen to your heart,” the writer is not suggesting that only emotions guide your life. Emotions are an important window into the heart, of course. But the lesson to be learned is to listen to the rudimental beatings of something more vital than we can imagine.

You may believe in a power greater than yourself. I do.

Consider that your heart — this connection of everything about you — is the sanctuary your Creator carved out to speak to you. Truly listen to your heart and make it a holy place.

In today’s world of opinion and damaging hatred, stop and go to that holy place. None of us may ever fully achieve what we want to be. But honoring your heart guarantees success no matter what.

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